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How it works

A standard marking of users with cookies is ineffective. Users frequently erase their cookie files or simply do not save them. FraudHunt works differently and thus, is one-of-a-kind.

FraudHunt marks visitors with permanent keys regardless whether or not they use cookies.

FraudHunt tracks all your visitors’ devices, detects scams, and helps you to get rid of them.

How we can help you

Traffic Quality Scoring

FraudHunt allows you to monitor and evaluate every user on-line, which solves the problem of low quality or fraudulent traffic purchases.

Demo Account Reuse

Detects and blocks users who don’t want to switch to the payable accounts, constantly using free trials.

Click Fraud Detection

Click Fraud usually leads to great financial losses caused by paying for “empty clicks”. If your website experiences Click Fraud problems, FraudHunt is a solution for you. No IP changes, cookies deletion, or anything of a kind can hide the fraudster, when FraudHunt hits the ground running.

Machine Learning and Deep Data Analysis

FraudHunt algorithms are being enhanced with machine learning and deep data analysis all the time. Math approaches applied in the algorithms enable us to achieve highest levels of precision.

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