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How it works

Our system gathers massive amounts of information about every visitor of your website. This information is then checked against a large number of conditions or triggers that determine the quality of every visitor and detect fraudsters of all sorts.

Information in question includes but is not limited to Proxy services, Operating System information, Browser information, and their behavioral patterns.

Our system establishes a certain Fraud Score for every visitor, depending on the number of triggers that have fired in any particular case. The Score of every trigger varies depending on a number of factors and combinations of the said triggers.

There are three types of users depending on their score: Quality Users, Low-risk Users, and Potential Fraudsters.

Here are the answers to some questions you may have

What is FraudScore?

FraudScore (user quality score) – an indicator calculated by a response/no-response of a number of triggers. These triggers are based on information about user’s equipment. Every discrepancy is found on the basis of this information.

How long does it take to calculate FraudScore?

FraudScore works on the fly. A user enters your website and the score is displayed on the radar in real time, based on the number of triggers that have fired.

How is user quality calculated?

The user score is calculated on the basis of information about the user’s equipment and discrepancies on their profile. This information is collected by Device Fingerprint from Fraudhunt.

How many triggers take part in the user quality assessment?

The number of working triggers is growing day by day, for we are constantly monitoring new trends and technologies hackers and fraudsters use.

Can I get raw data about users to assess it by myself?

You can get a file with data about any visitor of your site, using a special option on your personal account in our system.

Can I get summary reports on traffic quality on my resource?

Yes, you can get this information using the analytics functionality of our system. Go to offline Anti-FRAUD analytics tab to learn more about this functionality.