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Our Story

First gathered in 2013 our team worked with traffic for years developing various analytics and tracking solutions for companies operating in the USA and Western European markets. The idea to introduce a non-cookie based user labeling system has become topical with an increase in number of ways, which enable manipulations with cookie files.

We have developed a solution that allows us to label users with a universal marker that in no way depends on cookies. Our technology is based on information about user’s device, which we call Fingerprint ID. Fingerprint ID allows a deep scan of every user’s machine as well as detection of various anomalies in this information. This has led to creation of our complex trigger fraud detection system that is successfully used in a wide range of e-commerce fields.

Today FraudHunt provides services in the field of digital fraud prevention for companies on three continents and operates two offices in the US and Ukraine.

Our Philosophy

We believe in emerging markets. Over the years, the digital ecosystem has undergone a visible shift from classic premium locations of Western Europe and North America to the emerging markets all over the globe. The number of people using digital channels for their daily activities is growing rapidly, but the possibilities of tech providers are sadly falling behind.

The fraud problem is evident for every serious player on the Western Market and significant effort has been introduced to battle it. The situation is somewhat different for the emerging markets. The price and technical capabilities of most fraud prevention technologies make them near impossible to successfully integrate and use. We have introduced a special integration and pricing models that enable effective fraud prevention for all.

Our philosophy is simple. Every company honestly striving to create a quality product must have an opportunity to work safely irrespective of their location, scale, and niche.

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