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What we do

Fraud Detection

Versatile Trigger System

FraudHunt uses a complex trigger system to score your visitors and detects all kinds of fraudsters capable of disrupting your business. Whether you face fake account creation, accout takeovers, get your content stolen or ad budget wasted by fraudsters, FraudHunt is a place to go.

Malicious Bots Detection

More than 40% of all internet traffic comes from various Malicious Bots. They are stealing your content, spam, and impersonate your users. FraudHunt detects automated and bot attacks and is a great tool to protect your website.

Masking Techniques Detection

We detect a wide range of masking techniques, including Proxy and VPN services, Emulations and User Agent Changes. With FraudHunt you will always know how to act with each individual user.

Google Analytics Integration

FraudHunt provides an easy to integrate tool that will send unique resistant identifiers directly into your Google Analytics. You will be able to compare your data with our fraud reports in seconds and additional integration options will allow you to check Fraud Score of every visitor in your Google Analytics.

Deep User Analysis

Device Fingerprint

FraudHunt scans every device and grabs an enormous amount of parameters. Using the combination of these parameters, our system generates a permanent user ID. This ID can then be used to detect same machines even, if they try to hide their identity.

Raw Data aggregation

We aggregate tons of information about your users, including an operating system, browser and its version, installed plug-ins, screen resolution, platform, IP address, and many others. You can store this information for both protection of your quality accounts and detection of fraudulent activities from same devices.

Real-time Visitor Scoring

FraudHunt detects inconsistencies in your users’ devices information and scores each visitor. You can use the scores to separate your quality users from fraudsters and malicious bots before they actually hurt your business.

What you get

Fraud prevention made easy
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How it works

Fraud Prevention

We spend every waking hour analysing the “industry of fraud” and fine-tuning our algorithms to detect and eliminate new ways fraudsters come up with to steal from you.

Device Fingerprint

FraudHunt’s technology provides a deep user analysis for effective fraud detection and prevention, sifting out fraudsters and abusers and ensuring you spend your money and time on quality audience.

Machine Learning

We find patterns, discrepancies, and contradictions in the data of your users. Our machine learning modules use genetic programming principles to get faster, smarter, and more precise with every bit of data they get.

Big Data Analytics

The “industry of fraud” is evolving fast, but we manage to keep up by constantly analyzing our vast fraud database, deep learning algorithms we apply find suspicious patterns in real-time and effectively track bots and fraudsters.

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