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How it works

Fraud Prevention

We spend every waking hour analysing the “industry of fraud” and fine-tuning our algorithms to detect and eliminate new ways fraudsters come up with to steal from you.

Device Fingerprint

FraudHunt’s technology provides a deep user analysis for effective fraud detection and prevention, sifting out fraudsters and abusers and ensuring you spend your money and time on quality audience.

Machine Learning

Our solution is based on finding patterns, discrepancies, and contradictions in the data of your users. Our machine learning modules use genetic programming principles to get faster, smarter, and more precise with every bit of data they get.

Big Data Analytics

The “industry of fraud” is evolving fast, but we stay 1 step ahead of it. Our database of fraud has over 1.5 billion entries, deep learning algorithms we apply find suspicious patterns in real-time and effectively track bots and fraudsters.

Companies we protect

How we help

Digital Marketing

Traffic quality Scoring

More than 35% of all ad traffic is considered to be fraudulent. Fraud affects every aspect of your ad campaign – from planning to post analysis. We have developed a tool that gives you the power to eliminate fraud, clearly estimate effectiveness of every traffic source and impact your ads have on real people. This allows effective planning and increases profitability of your campaigns.

Ad Fraud detection

With a number of tools and ways to cheat, advertisers often find themselves on a losing side, with most of their ad budget lost to fraudsters. We have implemented a system that effectively detects click fraud, bot clicks, and other methods fraudsters use to scam you. With FraudHunt you can forget about financial losses and decisions based on unverified data and concentrate on real users and increasing ROI.

Affiliate Fraud Prevention

When we estimate the quality of affiliate programs and their impact on revenue we often find ourselves wondering whether any certain affiliate can be trusted. FraudHunt easily detects cookie stuffing and other types of affiliate fraud and answers the most important question every affiliate manager has: “What affiliates and to what extent are engaged in fraudulent actions?” Build effective campaigns and networks with a solution designed solely for this purpose.

User Experience & Management

Resistant Marking

With the increase in a number of ways that allow users to stay anonymous online, like cookie files manipulations, proxy, VPN, etc., the question of effective marketing planning comes to the fore. More people are using privacy software to stay anonymous online, and FraudHunt provides a solution for tracking them with resistant markers. What we have here is a unique system that allows to record massive amounts of user information in split seconds, starting from cookies and going all the way to their device parameters. This data will help you build successful marketing campaigns, enhance user experience, and get to know your audience better.

Fake Accounts detection

Do you know that 1 in every 10 accounts on dating websites is a fake, and around 8% of Facebook users are not real people? Have you tried boosting your sales by offering all sorts of trials that never transferred to paying customers? Creating multiple profiles to abuse referral programs and free trials is a common practice. Our solution allows you to effectively monitor and evaluate your users preventing various types of online fraud, including demo and fake account use.

Real-time monitor

How can you tell if a user poses a potential threat to your company and might be violating your policies? You can use additional verification procedures, but sometimes they will work against you as real clients are deterred by having to disclose too much personal information along your conversion funnel and additional verifications. So should you burden your visitors with difficult and time consuming procedures or simplify your registration/ lead form? Our system can estimate each user in real-time and advise you on the right course of action. Your business gets much easier and safer with FraudHunt.

FraudHunt turned out to be a real lifesaver, now we can easily monitor traffic quality and be sure we are giving our partners the best without wasting time and resources on lengthy and often ineffective fraud prevention efforts.
Daniel Agresti, Clickdealer
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FraudHunt algorithms are being enhanced with machine learning and deep data analysis all the time. Math approaches applied in the algorithms enable us to achieve highest levels of precision.

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