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Our team has put a lot of effort in developing a product that is able to introduce an alternative way of user labeling, not based on cookies. As a number of ways, which enable manipulating with cookie files, is growing day by day such an alternative is becoming particularly topical for marketing companies worldwide.

For this purpose, we have developed a solution that allows us to label users with a universal marker that in no way depends on cookies. Our technology is based on information about user’s device, which we call Fingerprint ID. It helps us to detect and recognize users even, if they delete their cookie files. We’ve designed an analytical and anti-fraud system that enables income traffic quality evaluation on various resources both in real time and offline.

A number of partner companies has been using our solution for quite some time now. However, constantly growing demand encouraged us to go public and present our product on international open market. At the moment all our efforts are focused on the development of a user-friendly GUI that will make FraudHunt suitable for every website and business owner worldwide.


We are happy to answer any of your questions or just chatter a bit ;)


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