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Fraud Prevention

Fingerprint Technology

Device Fingerprint overview Digital fingerprint is a technology used to identify each individual device using parameters the said device has. There is a number of possible usage scenarios for this technology, they mainly stem from the potential ability to identify and analyze real users irrespective of cookie files, the main analytic and tracking tool of […]

Anti-fraud Triggers

Triggers There is a number of ways to detect a fraudster or a Malicious Bot on your website. Most companies use cookie-based solutions or/and a simple IP and User Agent checks which, in most cases, are ineffective when battling serious fraudsters and bot farms. FraudHunt has chosen a more sophisticated and technically advanced approach to […]

Account Fraud Prevention

Introduction The report is based on the assessment of data about bot threats and account takeover / fake account creation in the digital ecosystem and investigates the possibility of creating the system perfectly balanced between user satisfaction and account takeover / fake account creation protection. Problem magnitude The digital commerce ecosystem has been a leading […]