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User Interface

Promo Codes

FraudHunt offers two types of Promo Codes: Extra and Bonus, both are used to get additional free users for analysis. Code Types Bonus codes provide a certain number of users for analysis. The number depends on the code you use. Extra codes provide a certain percentage of additional users for analysis and work only after […]


The Reports tab consists of two areas Visits History and Report Builder Visits History The tab contains information about your visitors for any given time (no older than a month). The report can be customized using the options available. Your visitors can be filtered by: 1 Triggers; 2 Countries; 3 Operating Systems; 4 Browsers; 5 […]

Real-time Dashboard

A page for real-time analysis of your website traffic shows information about all visitors of your website on-line. The radar shows all active users and their respective Fraud Scores, it is divided into sections according to the country, where the user has come from. The longer your user stays on the website, the closer to […]

Analytic Dashboard

Please consider that the chart data is presented in UTC-0, not considering your time zone shift. This tab contains some basic analytic information about the daily and weekly quality of your traffic. To get the data: 1 Select the website; 2 Indicate time period (day, week, or a custom time frame); After you indicate the […]