The Reports tab consists of two areas Visits History and Report Builder

Visits History

The tab contains information about your visitors for any given time (no older than a month). The report can be customized using the options available.

Your visitors can be filtered by:






Operating Systems;




Fraud Scores;

Report Builder

FraudHunt Report Builder allows you to monitor your traffic activity, evaluate your publishers or ad partners, and optimize your marketing campaigns.


In order to create a report go to the Report Builder tab on your home page.

Here you can choose a website for analysis, set a timeframe for the report and choose what you want to be analyzed. We have created a simple and effective interface that lets you easily monitor traffic coming from every source, medium, campaign, etc. Just click on the utm properties button and choose the parameters you want to check.

To get a full report on your traffic simply choose all the parameters.

You will then see a full list of sources for your traffic, clicking on any given source will show you mediums → campaigns → terms → contents for each traffic source.

In order to find any specific campaign, term, etc. use a search box below your website name.

It takes seconds to prepare the data necessary to create FraudHunt reports, our system gathers information about your traffic, analyses visitors from every source, scores them and sends all the necessary information to your User Interface. The system we offer allows you not only to post evaluate ROI of your campaigns but to fine-tune them by effectively distributing your budget among the most successful campaigns and most reliable traffic sources. We provide a simple and easy to handle tool for everyone who needs to make weekly, daily, and even hourly decisions on marketing and campaigning.