Wix Websites Integration

FraudHunt can be easily integrated with Wix websites. To do so you need to own a domain and have one of Wix paid plans active.

Main Script Integration

To integrate our main tracking script go to Main Menu – Manage Website – Tracking & Analytics.

Click “+ New Tool” and choose “Custom” at the bottom of the dropdown menu.

Paste our main tracking script.

To get your script go to your FraudHunt Dashboard – Websites and click ADD, then copy the script and paste it in your Wix Admin Panel.

Add code to pages

The script can be loaded on all pages or on some specific pages. If you choose to use the script on all pages, you will have to either load it once upon the initial visit or load it on every page the user visits.

Choose the position of the main tracking script

In order for the script to function properly, please, load it in the head tag of your website.

Click on the Apply button

Google Analytics and Callback Integrations

Using the same panel you can send the Score and the Fingerprint Key of your users to your Google Analytics. All you need to do is to paste the corresponsing codes from our Google Analytics Integration article into the BODY section of your pages.