Tracking Script Integration

To start working with our system, you need to add your website to the Sites tab of your account by clicking the ADD button and pasting your website URL in the corresponding field. During your first visit, you will be asked to add a website on the welcome page:

Tracking script generation

Your script will be generated once you click the “Next” button. Any additional websites are to be added via the “Websites” tab of your account.

Once you are done, you should add a JavaScript snippet to your website.

Script Integration

To ensure the highest quality you should insert the script in the head section of the HTML code on your page. Integration code is to be placed as high as possible for it will have more time to process your traffic that way.

<script async 
src="" data-cid="yourcid">

The async attribute of the code snippet is crucial. It instructs the browser to run the script asynchronously whenever possible. It means that the page does not expect the result of the script to be executed at once and continues running as usual. At the same time, the specified src file of the attribute will be executed without web pages being downloaded and/or displayed.

Once the script is integrated on your page, you are welcome to go to your User Account and check your traffic activity in real time using your Dashboard and Analytics tabs.